Monolith's VC fund focuses on various technological-driven business innovations. The team employs a research-driven thematic investment approach to invest in revolutionary entrepreneurial opportunities. Next-generation internet platforms, cutting-edge technologies, and B2B and B2C services targeting global markets are the investment areas that Monolith Capital is currently focusing on.


Miao (Cayman) Limited is an open-world voxel game platform providing customers enhanced leisurely and social experiences.
The company aims to continuously provide first-party, multiplayer-centric content through ongoing Games as a Service (GaaS) updates, refine content creation-relatedinfrastructure, and gradually establish a symbiotic platform ecosystem for players and creators. The game is also powered by the state-of-art technologies in artificial intelligence, such as large language models for Non Player Character(NPC) communication,2D and 3D models for digital asset generation.


METiS is an innovative biotechnology company driven by AI that harnesses targeted drug delivery and discovery technology to develop more effective drugs for patients. Through the integration of cutting- edge AI technology and traditional pharmaceutical R&D, METiS aims to accelerate the R&D of
innovative drugs in a more efficient and precise way, while leveraging the core technology platforms to support the entire pharmaceutical ecosystem and lead industry innovation.


Sonosilicon is developing a core CMOS+MEMS technology platform for the next-generation ultrasound. They are initially commercializing the technology by partnering with big medtech companies for interventional ultrasound. In parallel, they are developing wearable ultrasound with clinical inputs.


AiEdu Group KY Limited is an online education platform aiming to provide learners with a better learning experience. The business of the company covers K12 education, including basic subject courses, and develop quality-oriented education, counseling in postgraduate and doctoral entrance exams, vocational education, and studying abroad in the future.


Gravity is developing XR co-processor, with functions similar to Apple's R1 chip for Vision Pro but for other XR headset companies
The XR co-processor is a necessary chip for enabling low-latency high-clarity video see-through.


MEGA ENERGY comes from world-class schools and cutting-edge laboratories, with over 10 years of accumulated technology experience in the semiconductor industry. They possess expertise in domestic scarce semiconductor equipment technology, providing cutting-edge equipment and technical services.

Moonshot AI

Moonshot AI is a company focusing on developing state-of-art AGI Model, especially Large Language Model. The company aims to build worldwide first-tier foundation model and its applications.


INFINIGENCE develops a software & hardware integrated optimization platform for large language models, that addresses obstacles resulted from limits in demoestic usage of advanced models and chips, such as high deployment costs, limied performances of domestic chips, and shortage in computing power. Through product portfolios including efficient deployment toolchains and all-in-one servers, INFINIGENCE aims to empower ecological construction and accelerate the development of AI industry.